A Few Words About Me

“The magic of photography lies in stopping time and preserving beautiful moments full of emotions forever.”

I am aware of that. With every photoshoot, I approach my work with maximum respect and regard.

I am a perfectionist. I won’t settle for an average photograph; I want the best for you. I constantly work on myself, follow the latest trends, and improve my photography technique.

While my portfolio has evolved over the years to include wedding, family, maternity, and other types of photography, my main specialization eventually became newborn baby photography – Newborn. This is my world, my joy. I love my work, and I think it shows.

I have held countless babies in my arms, lulling them to sleep, posing, and photographing them with tenderness and sensitivity.

Through my practice, I realized how incredibly challenging it is for mothers and babies to travel to the studio, so I visit clients at their homes. Where they feel comfortable and safe. And to maintain the quality of studio photographs, I basically bring the entire studio with me.

I have gained the trust of many mothers, and so I firmly believe that I will gain yours too.

Time for a photo shoot?

The shoot takes place within 14 days of the birth (but even 21 days is not a problem), so if you have just left the hospital or are about to, it’s not too late.