NEWBORN Photography

How does the photoshoot proceed?

On the agreed date, I will come to your home and bring all the equipment and props so that the resulting photographs are the same as if you had visited the studio. You stay calm at home, you don’t have to go anywhere, all without unnecessary worries.

While the mother breastfeeds the baby, I prepare the shooting area. I only need about 2 meters. I set up my floor, lighting, heating, and all the props ready. Once the baby is fed, I put them to sleep myself, and the mother has a moment for herself. I fully focus on the baby, posing and photographing them in all the prepared setups. Family photoshoot usually takes place at the end, when I only need your partners and children for a moment, which partners usually appreciate.

Everything takes place in a relaxed atmosphere in the safety of your home so that the whole family has a pleasant and unforgettable memory even from the photoshoot process.

On the day of the shoot, please have with you:

  • advance payment according to the chosen package in cash
  • a changing mat
  • at least 5 cloth and classic diapers
  • your own hairbrush (if you have a baby with hair)
  • for you and your partner a white or black shirt, t-shirt, or smock without printing

Time for a photo shoot?

The shoot takes place within 14 days of the birth (but even 21 days is not a problem), so if you have just left the hospital or are about to, it’s not too late.